The most sought-after professions in 2019
IT Specialist We include website developers, layout designers, programmers, and other specialists associated with the IT industry. At the beginning of 2019, there is a high demand, both for the…

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How do charitable foundations earn
We all often see various advertisements of organizations involved in helping people with disabilities, orphans and animals. On the streets, promoters handed out leaflets calling for help to tidy up…

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How they work at British American Tobacco
Dislocation There is one wonderful place in Moscow, which is called the "business park". This is Krylatsky hills - an office project where many successful companies operate. British American Tobacco…

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What to do in a private house?

– Rental of premises.
If your house is located in a beautiful place, near a lake or river, far from production pipes and close to roads, then you can offer a summer vacation on your territory.

Think over all the priorities of your place. Perhaps you have good fishing, mushroom places, fresh air, which will attract many who wish to come to you on vacation.

Your offer can be placed on the Internet, social networks, in newspaper ads, etc. Think through everything to the smallest detail, so that you have a comfortable rest day and night, and tourists will be your regular guests, bringing good finance.

– Beekeeping and selling honey.
It’s good to study the process of caring for bees and all the nuances associated with beekeeping (the benefit is now a lot of information on the Internet) and do this profitable business. You can sell honey yourself or negotiate with buyers.

If your honey is successful, then you will have a large clientele, even from distant regions. After all, environmentally friendly products are highly valued today.

– Growing all kinds of crops.
Peanuts are very popular among consumers. When grown, they do not need special conditions, but grow like potatoes. But their price is much higher than any crops.

You can also try to cultivate different types of potatoes on your plot. Garlic, sweet potato, nuts grown by yourself can bring high incomes, the main thing is not to be afraid to start your own business and find places of sale.

– Creation of furniture for garden plots and animals.
On the plot of a private house, you can create a workshop for the production of furniture for garden plots that do not require a special approach. It can be:

– benches, in the form of all kinds of stumps;

– swing;

– exotic tables;

– children’s houses for the game;

– mushrooms from the sun;

– sports equipment, etc.

Do not forget that pets also need wooden buildings. It can be:

* booths and beautiful houses for dogs and cats;

* various game devices for animals.

You need to come up with a special chip for your products, slightly reduce the price, advertise your capabilities via the Internet, and the customer will definitely appear.

– Private bath services.
If you already have a room where you can equip a bathhouse and a steam room for future customers, then half the hedgehog is done.

It is necessary to attract those who wish to visit the bathhouse with something unusual. It can be an overnight stay after a bath in the fresh air or in the hayloft. You can think over the cultural program of vacationers and get decent money for it.

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