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16 unusual facts about Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola can rightfully be called one of the most legendary in the world. After all, there is practically not a single person who would not know the taste of this carbonated drink! The Coca-Cola Company’s products have been manufactured for more than a century, and the company itself has come a long – sometimes difficult, sometimes easy – way to its stunning success.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of information on the network about this company and its activities, you can still find facts that not everyone knows about. We have collected for you sixteen interesting facts about The Coca-Cola Company and its main product.

What you did not know about Coca-Cola
1. Artist Earl Dean, who designed one of the first versions of the Coca-Cola bottle in 1915, decided that the packaging for this drink should look like a cocoa fruit. And during his creative development he was inspired by the look and shape of cocoa beans.

2. In addition to ordinary water, all people in the world consume 55 billion servings of various drinks every day. Of these, about 2 billion are Coca-Cola.

3. When Coca-Cola entered the Chinese market, some distributors decided to translate its name into Chinese. They picked up such hieroglyphs, having read which, a clear “ko-ka-ko-la” was obtained, however, the meaning of these hieroglyphs came out rather unexpectedly. So, a drink appeared on the Chinese market, the name of which meant “Bite off a tadpole of wax.” Later, again, with the selection of hieroglyphs, marketers came up with a more acceptable name, namely, “A mouthful of happiness”.
4. In 1904, the first billboard with the Coca-Cola drink was installed. If you go to Georgia now, namely to the city of Cartersville, you can see it where it has been for many years in its same place, and still advertises the brand.

5. The Coca-Cola Company gained worldwide recognition, of course, thanks to its drink of the same name. But in total, the company produces more than 3 and a half thousand different types of drinks and is the owner of more than 500 brands.

16 unusual facts about Coca-Cola6. Perhaps, everyone knows about the unusual use of Coca-Cola in everyday life. We are talking about the fact that with the help of Coca-Cola you can wash rust or get rid of scale in the kettle. But did you know that some police in the US use this particular drink in order to wash the asphalt from the blood after traffic accidents? It turns out that Coca-Cola copes with this task by five with a plus.

7. According to the results of numerous studies, the Coca-Cola logo is the most recognizable in the world. It is easily recognized by 94% of the world’s population. And the very word “coca-cola” is for people almost as clear and requiring no explanation as the word “ok”.

8. The record for the largest company logo was set in Chile. There you can see the Coca-Cola sign, 40 meters high and 122 meters long. And it is made of 70 thousand real bottles from Coca-Cola.

9. If you believe the research of The Coca-Cola Company itself, each person in the world on average consumes one of its products at least once every four days.

10. One of the cans of Coca-Cola can now be considered a true space explorer, since in 1985 she went there with the astronauts. This can was specially made for such a flight and had an unusual tube built-in inside for convenient use of the drink.

11. From 1886, that is, from the start of production until 1903, each serving of Coca-Cola contained 60 milligrams of cocaine.

12. We are used to drinking Coca-Cola chilled in the refrigerator or even with ice cubes. But in Hong Kong they often drink it warmed up and even claim that in this form it can cure a sore throat from a cold.

13. Phosphoric acid, which is the main component of the drink, is capable of completely dissolving the human nails placed in it in just three days.

14. The Coca-Cola Company spends on the development and implementation of its advertising campaigns on average three times more funds per year than giants such as Apple and Microsoft.

15. If all Coca-Cola produced is poured into a 150-centimeter-deep pool, then 500 million people can easily fit in it.

16. The Mexican people of Tzotsili (one of the Mayan peoples) since the last century have been using the Coca-Cola drink in their shamanistic rites to cure people of various diseases.

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