How to open your online store
The decision to do Internet business comes to people for various reasons. Fatigue from your work or its loss, desire to work for yourself, etc. Women most often begin to…

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Business interactions. How to negotiate. 5 necessary steps
The goal of most negotiations is to achieve certain success in interactions with an opponent or business partners. Someone achieves communication successes due to an intuitive understanding of negotiating techniques.…

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The most unusual and interesting money in the world
The largest coin American sculptor Stanley Witten created a coin that set a record at the same time for several characteristics: in size, weight and face value. Such a coin…

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When it’s time to sell your business. 5 signs

Each businessman, starting his BUSINESS, invests in him not only a lot of money, but also part of his soul. Therefore, it is difficult to part with it, even if you can’t do without a sale. But you do not need to pull, but put the business up for sale on time. What signs indicate that the time has come to sell a finished business.

– 1 – You have lost your former enthusiasm in your own business.

Once you, having caught fire in your business, were in constant development of new approaches, in search of development paths and new customers. And now it’s hard for you to force yourself to do anything. Maybe it’s time to look for something else to do. – 2 –The company does not bring the necessary financial return.

Profits are significantly reduced and often do not cover costs. There is a constant shortage of working capital. There is no money to invest in a developing business, which causes constant savings, etc.

-3 – You do not have a team.

One, without like-minded people, is always difficult, because “one is not a warrior in the field.” You need a team of specialists who will help in development, but it does not work to find them.

– 4 – There are commercial reasons.

* – You have lost your position, and you do not see the return path.

* – You are seeing a client leak.

* – There was a loss of the distribution channel, which brought the main profit.

– 5 – You are interested in another interesting thing.

If the bulk of the effort goes into a new business, and there is no time for this business, and there is no desire.

There may be various reasons for the lack of desire to put up for sale your business. And to save the CASE, a good manager is hired or a number of anti-crisis measures are taken. Of course, everything needs to be tried, but if it lasts more than one month, then do not delay the sale, because it will most likely lead to nothing.

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