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6 ideas for a new business in a small town

To choose your niche for your future business, you should carefully read the proposed ideas. Perhaps you immediately reject everything, believing that your city is already crowded with such enterprises. But it is worth exploring the market to understand the demand and desires of customers. More articles on finance.

Perhaps there are omissions of entrepreneurs that you could use in your new business. After all, you can offer an expanded range of services, a lower price, all kinds of discounts, better conditions, etc.

– 1 – Key making point.

To open this business, no large investments are needed, up to $ 1-2 thousand is enough. To place an item, 4 square meters will be enough.

You can earn money: by making all kinds of keys for different doors, garages, intercoms, cars, etc. You can also sharpen knives, drills, scissors, all kinds of garden tools, etc. You can sell trinkets, keys, locks from this point, and carry out emergency opening of locks.

After a maximum of 6 months, you will pay back the invested money.

– 2 – Creating a kindergarten at home.

If you have a sufficient area of ​​the apartment, have experience with children, you can open a private kindergarten. Before opening, you need to consult with a lawyer to find out all the details and prevent possible pitfalls.

– 3 – Creating decorative candles.

This is a simple and exciting process that is suitable for those who are sitting at home, taking care of children, retired, looking for work or want to have extra income. To start your business, you need the minimum tools and knowledge that can be obtained on the Internet.

In this business, the main thing is to interest in new products and find a sufficient number of buyers.

– 4 – Production of smoked fish (meat, sausages, sausages, etc.).

Many people like and appreciate fish and smoked meats, therefore, buyers will, if only high-quality products are made. It will be necessary to purchase a smokehouse, a large refrigerator and a freezer, all kinds of appliances, etc. All this can cost up to $ 2 thousand.

Do not forget about the good recipe and the suppliers of fresh products located in your area.

– 5 – Sell beer bouquets.

Beautiful, elegantly decorated edible bouquets for beer are very popular among lovers of this drink. It may include: all kinds of smoked meats, sausages, dried and dried fish, chips, crayfish, squid, etc. The main thing is to attract more buyers.

And for this it is necessary that everything is always fresh and that the kiosk selling sets is in a passable place, where it is convenient to drive up after a working day. You can create bouquets to order and bring them to customers.

– 6 – Provide a car for the wedding procession.

For this, any well-maintained car on the go is suitable. The main thing is to give good advertising on the Internet, offer a passing wedding service, in the form of a photographer on the road, etc. You can also earn by renting car decorations. Investing in this business is a minimum, and the return, with good advertising, is high.

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