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Best and unusual office designs

Google California Office
We will begin, perhaps, with a company whose creativity has long been legendary outside of our universe. This is Google. How liberal is the behavior of all personnel in this company (there are practically no restrictions and prohibitions), the design of offices can be called just as unusual.

Google’s California headquarters is a truly separate world with a special atmosphere. Separate buildings in which googlers work stretched for several blocks. It has everything – cafes, pools, showers, massage rooms, as well as rooms for relaxation and games.

On the street in the courtyard of the office in special pots growing onions, beets, strawberries and other plants. Why – remains a mystery, apparently, this is another way for Google to stand out from the rest.The Moscow office of Google has a completely different look. The main design concept is an office with a “Russian soul”, so each room is decorated in the style of works (films and cartoons) familiar to every Russian person: “38 parrots”, “The Adventures of Captain Vrungel”, “12 chairs”, “Serpent Gorynych” and many others. And the staff’s favorite room is the relaxation area called Lukomorye, where you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee right under the green oak.

Yandex office in Moscow
Another popular search engine, Yandex, also has something to surprise in terms of office design decisions. On the street in front of the main entrance to the office there are two life-sized figures of horses, painted in a very original way. Inside the office itself, the main goal of the design was to create a homely, relaxed atmosphere. Soft outlines and fresh shades – this is what attention is immediately drawn. Yandex office can be called truly fresh – the abundance of living indoor plants just everywhere recharges employees with the energy of nature.
Yandex office in Kiev
And some more photos of one of the Kiev offices of Yandex. He is the youngest of all the existing Yandex offices in the Ukrainian capital. The designers paid special attention to cozy little things, which made the overall atmosphere quite pleasant.

Office of the First Patent Company
The office, which cannot be ignored, belongs to the Moscow company First Patent Company. The range of services of this company covers the registration of various trademarks (including non-traditional ones), the valuation of intellectual property, copyright registration and other services related to patent activity. However, this is not the case now.

The office of the company is a great example of how to prevent your employees from even mentioning the phrase “gray workdays” in their vocabulary. In such an office, working days will definitely not be boring. The most striking, in our opinion, element of the decor of the room is a wooden pole with pointers. Instead of a picture, they decided to hang a mammoth skull on the wall (they say that it’s real), and the design of the usual for all office workers object – a water cooler – also came up very original and with humor.
Office of the company “Three rings”
Next, we will stop at the office of the company “Three Rings”. The company develops a design for computer games, so everything that is in the office should inspire employees to new ideas and develop creative thinking. It is difficult to determine the style of the office interior. It has everything from modern abstract to traditional aesthetic forms.
Office “ABBYY Russia”
Looking at the office of the manufacturer of dictionaries Lingvo and other products “ABBYY Russia” you will not immediately guess what the main activity of its employees is. Here, employees can draw on the walls, and lie in a hammock, and work out on simulators, and play board games. It cannot be said that the design of “ABBYY Russia” is already very original, but there is still something memorable in it.

VKontakte office
The office of the social network “Vkontakte” is located in St. Petersburg in one of the business centers. The reception inspires a rather gloomy mood, however, modern design is still present. But from one of the meeting rooms “smells” of the real Middle Ages. It is noteworthy that the rest of the meeting rooms are quite ordinary and made in a modern style.

The relaxation room resembles a hookah room (although, how do you know what employees are doing in it? :). Often scraps of ideas that suddenly arose among company employees can be seen right on the walls of the office.

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