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McDonald’s Marketing Tricks

Mcdonalds marketing
The first thing that catches your eye inside this institution is a constant, endless stream of visitors. People crowd at the checkout, scurrying with trays between the tables. And it seems that this movement of people is ongoing, akin to the perpetual motion machine. With the help of which thoughtful marketers of a well-known catering network were able to achieve such results?

Furniture Arrangement System
In McDonald’s, the furniture is arranged as inconvenient as possible for visitors. Tables and chairs are very close to the neighboring ones, as a result of which the person’s personal space is disturbed. It also makes it difficult to pass between tables: to get to the seen free table, you must literally squeeze between the other tables, dodging accidental blows from the trays and elbows of other people who are also looking for free space.

When you finally sat down and started eating, you will not leave a feeling of discomfort due to the huge crowd of people around you and crowding. Unconsciously, each visitor will seek to quickly finish the meal and leave. And this is what McDonalds needs, because their goal is to serve as many customers as possible. When you leave, you will make room for other visitors who are seated at the table, just like you, will leave it as soon as possible.

Inconvenient furniture
Marketing tricks McDonald’s Furniture itself in the institutions of McDonald’s is also not the most convenient. It is rather practical – usually made of materials that are easy to clean. It seems that they did not think about the comfort of customers at all: the chairs are hard and uncomfortable, and in some institutions the height of the tables and chairs is so inappropriate that after a certain time the back begins to hurt.

All this was done for the same purpose – to make the client buy food, eat it quickly and leave the premises, making room for the next ones who want to eat fast food. However, some still manage to spend quite a long time at McDonald’s, but this is due, first of all, to the availability of free wi-fi access in all establishments.

Musical accompaniment
As we have noticed, music does not play at all points of McDonald’s. However, where there is – it is usually fast and rhythmic. Vigorous musical accompaniment makes us perform current actions faster, in this case it is chewing food. All this also happens on a subconscious level.

Have you noticed in one of the McDonald’s playing slow and calm music? Even if so, then this is clearly an administration flaw 🙂 After all, it is much more profitable for them to make visitors unknowingly accelerate, and not vice versa.

Deadline for order fulfillment
Cashier salespeople are trained to operate at the speed of an energizer bunny. Organization of orders operates on a conveyor system: one passed, the next immediately approached, and so on. Cashiers must serve one customer for no more than one minute, and this is the rule for all employees. They will not pat on the head for slowness, because lost minutes are lost clients who are tired of waiting, and they will leave for the nearest cafe.

The phrases that cashiers communicate with visitors are memorized. This sometimes gives the impression that you are not communicating with a person, but with a robot seller.

McDonald’s Marketing Tricks
Half an hour for a meal
Some McDonald’s points in the United States of America even allow themselves the audacity to rush a visitor if he has been sitting at the table for more than 30 minutes. We do not know how widespread this practice is, however, sometimes a guard can come up and rush the client if he is inside the institution (in particular, sitting at the table) for more than half an hour.

Free Internet
One of the effective tricks to attract customers is the availability of free wi-fi access points. And it really attracts many people – you can often see people working on laptops or buried in smartphones or tablets. However, here McDonald’s introduced a restriction. In order not to allow customers to come to institutions only thanks to free wi-fi, sockets are not installed anywhere. You’ll be able to surf the Internet only until the battery of your device runs out.

Large portions “by default”
Often when placing an order, we can hear a clarification from the cashier: “Which portion is small, medium or large for you?” However, they do not always specify. If you yourself have not indicated the size of the desired portion of French fries or Cola-Cola, and you have not been asked about this, then you will receive the largest portion. After all, it costs more.

Unfriendly staff
In the United States, only unattractive girls are hired by McDonald’s, and they are also forbidden to use makeup during working hours. Since McDonald’s positions itself as a family holiday and in every possible way encourages visitors to visit with their children (this is evidenced by the possibility of organizing children’s parties and regularly holding various events with gifts for children and toys), the absence of pretty cashiers will only benefit the family idyll.

The fathers of the family will not look at beautiful girls, therefore, mothers will come to McDonalds with their children without irritation and spend time there. And how to select unattractive candidates for work at McDonald’s is the task of each individual institution.

Sale of expensive drinks
We are all used to a serving of food to take a drink. And I really want to drink food from McDonald’s, even if it’s as unprofitable as the food itself. Therefore, a big bet here is on the sale of drinks. All kinds of Fanta, Coca-Cola, Sprite and even tea are somewhat more expensive at McDonald’s than at most other catering establishments.

McDonald’s Marketing Tricks
Offer to buy “anything else”
When making an order, for sure, you often hear from the cashier an offer to purchase a pie, salad or any other commodity item. They do this not only in order to sell more. Most often, it is precisely those products that are offered that will expire from day to day.

Quick change of staff
Do you have a friend who worked at McDonald’s for a fantastically long time? Probably not. In these institutions, personnel often change, not only because not everyone can work long hours at a frantic pace. But also because long monotonous work is fraught with mistakes in cooking or placing orders. Therefore, the administration always ensures that the working staff is “fresh”.

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