Business ideas that changed the world
Rocket engine (1926) Physicist Robert Godard was an avid fan of Wells' War of the Worlds. Engaged in science, he spent most of the time studying combustible rocket fuel. He…

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The most interesting shops in the world
Christian Peterson's Bicycle Shop in Berlin To attract attention, the store owner did not bother much, but simply attached a huge amount of real bicycles to the building’s facade. There…

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Apple presentation guidelines
 Each slide should contain only one idea. If you place several significant ideas on one slide, most likely, none of them will be remembered by the audience. For each idea,…

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How great brands came about

Victoria’s Secret
Roy Raymond, being a loving husband, decided to pamper his wife with a gift – a new set of women’s underwear. Going alone to the store, Roy was simply confused among the huge number of options that sellers offered him. Not many of them knew how to work with male buyers, and Roy felt very uncomfortable in all this “female kingdom” of underwear. He never managed to pick up a gift, however, an idea arose in his head that became fateful for Raymond. It was the idea of ​​opening her own lingerie store, in which both women and men would feel equally comfortable.

To implement the idea needed 80 thousand dollars. Roy borrowed half this amount from friends, half at the bank at interest. The first Victoria’s Secret store was opened at a mall in Stanford. Women in similar stores feel like fish in water, but sellers were trained to work with male buyers separately. This allowed all members of the stronger sex to feel as comfortable as possible in such a store.And yes, the idea shot in the first year of work. Over time, Victoria’s Secret merchandise began to be sold through catalogs, which brought Raymond huge revenues, and the brand worldwide fame.

How great brands came about
Harland Sanders, founder of the KFC global fast food chain, started his great business journey quite late. Until his forty years, he had practically no ambitions in terms of entrepreneurship. With no education (other than six grades of the school), Harland worked as a fireman, a conductor, a laborer on a farm, and a tire seller. He did not stay long in any of these professions. Harland lived quite poorly with his wife.

When he was forty years old, Sanders decided to open a small car repair shop. The business went well, and after a while the entrepreneur added to the main service also a small cafe in the workshop. Sanders prepared the food for the customers on his own, and he was especially good at fried chicken in batter. Very quickly, the fame of a delicious dish in a car repair shop cafe spread to the whole village, and even beyond. Sanders cooked the chicken according to his original recipe, adding eleven different spices to it in a certain proportion.

The business began to develop not as Sanders expected, however, very successfully: the majority of customers did not visit the workshop to use auto services, but to taste the Harland Sanders Kentucky Fried Chicken. A few years later, Sanders opened the Sanders Court & Cafe hotel, in the territory of which he placed a restaurant. There he continued to serve his already famous fried chicken in batter, constantly improving the recipe. With the development of business, Colonel Sanders (Governor Lafon awarded this honorary title) began opening his restaurants throughout America, calling them KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

How great brands came about
Read the success story of yet another fast food giant: Subway.
Victor Mills, a specialist chemist at Procter & Gamble, made her daughter happy with three grandchildren. A caring grandfather often looked after the kids and looked after them, but, like any person, he sought to greatly simplify his chores. When he was tired of changing his diapers several times a day to his grandchildren, washing dirty and changing them to clean, Mills came up with the idea: “Why wash if you can throw it away? However, you won’t get enough diapers like that … ”

A solution was found – to create a kind

The decisive moment in the further entrepreneurial success of Phil Knight was his passion for sports. On the team at the University of Oregon, Phil was a middle-distance runner. One of the main problems of jogging, Phil considered the lack of good and affordable sports shoes. Sneakers from Adidas were high-quality, but they were quite expensive for an ordinary student and not everyone could afford them. The cheap shoes were of such unbearable quality that running in them was very uncomfortable and even painful.

At one of Stanford’s marketing classes, a professor talked about what small business development strategies are. It was then that Phil Knight came up with the idea to create his own company, which would produce high-quality, but accessible to all sports shoes. To reduce the cost of production, Knight decided to produce goods in Asia. This allowed him to sell sneakers cheaply, while not at a loss. The first name of the created company sounded like Blue Ribbon Sports. The business has earned.

And after a while, Phil saw in a dream the goddess of victory, Nick, and decided to rename the company in her honor. So the well-known Nike brand appeared, and the image of the wing of the goddess became its logo.

How great brands came about
The creation of the drug, known as Viagra, is considered one of the greatest achievements in medicine, along with the invention of x-rays and penicillin. The medical name for this drug is sildenafil, and initially doctors assumed that it would treat heart disease. In the early 1990s, a group of scientists from Pfizer began experimenting with sildenafil citrate. However, in the process of research it was revealed that the properties of this substance have a minimal effect on blood pressure and blood circulation and are not able to cure people of heart diseases.

Scientists were interested in the fact that many of the male subjects asked to give them even such pills, already outside the scope of the study. And one even wanted to stock up on sildenafil for several years to come. After interviewing all subjects, scientists found that the reason for such an interest in this drug was a significant increase in potency and improved erection in men. So the drug for the fight against heart diseases showed its true capabilities, which, of course, did not disregard the medical community. The commercial name for sildenafil is the combination of the words “vigor” (power) and “niagara” (the name of one of the largest waterfalls in America) – “viagra”.

How great brands came about
Having experienced many difficulties in his life (a serious illness, living on the verge of poverty), Frank Mars began his first entrepreneurial business at the age of 28. Together with his wife Ethel, he opened a small pastry shop right at home. They prepared various sweets on their own, and sold them through their kitchen window, equipping it with a sign. Since the confectionery of the spouses was in great demand, it was decided to organize a larger production and call it Mar-O-Bar.

And his little son prompted the creation of chocolate bars in the usual form of Frank to us. At that time, chocolate products, however, like many other things, were sold only by weight. Once going into the store, Frank’s son asked his father to buy him chocolate. Frank, of course, did not refuse his son, but to himself noted that the boy will certainly get dirty when he eats chocolate, which quickly melts in the heat. And at that moment he came up with the idea to produce chocolate in small portions, which will be packed in foil. Frank’s first hit was the Milky Way bar. Then came a bar named after its creator, Mars. Then the famous chocolate pills M & M’s. Developing his business, Frank establishes new companies and conquers new markets.

Now Mars Incorporated is one of the largest food products on the market.

of gasket from a material with good ability to absorb liquid and fasten it to the child’s underpants. Having created several options for his salvation from dirty diapers, Victor Mills first tried them on his own grandchildren. After several experiments, the most optimal and convenient option for implementing this idea was found. By the way, Mills experimented not only with his grandchildren, but also with his wife and daughter. They helped him test the effectiveness of another of his inventions – toothpaste.

Victor Mills gave the world a product that could make life easier for many young parents, and the name of his brand has long been a household name.


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