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How they work at British American Tobacco


There is one wonderful place in Moscow, which is called the “business park”. This is Krylatsky hills – an office project where many successful companies operate. British American Tobacco Russia is also based there. Employees of the company do not drive Mercedes of the latest brands (as it might seem, the company is still serious), but get to the office on ordinary minibuses from the Krylatskoye metro station. British American Tobacco Russia’s office neighbors are more than pleasant – the Russian representative offices of Microsoft, Johnson And Johnson and Sun InBev are also located in Krylatsky hills.

Here’s an aerial view of an office:

No smoking required
The management of British American Tobacco Russia particularly appreciates its employees. After all, their recruitment takes place according to a more than serious scheme, so only the best can pass the test. The test is more personal-psychological than qualification. If you can make decisions quickly, be a leader in a team, have the gift of persuasion and an extraordinary mind, then you have every chance to become part of the team of the British Tobacco Corporation. It is these qualities that are highlighted when applying for a job. Work experience is also important, but in the presence of personal qualities of the appropriate level, they may not look at insufficient experience.

Each candidate for the position passes a specially designed test. With its help, recruitment specialists determine how prepared the candidate for work in British American Tobacco Russia is from the standpoint of their values ​​and priorities.

You do not smoke, but would like to work for British American Tobacco Russia? You have every chance of it. The question of smoking during an interview is not asked, and as company leaders say, addiction to cigarettes absolutely does not play any role in employment in British American Tobacco Russia.

Nonsense puzzles for a while
After a successful interview with an HR specialist, a meeting is already scheduled with the manager of the recruiting department. This is where the most difficult part begins. First, a conversation is held with the candidate, in which he must share situations from his past professional life in which he was able to successfully demonstrate certain key qualities (stress resistance, solving problems in extreme conditions, efficiency, etc.).

And then the applicant is invited to complete tasks similar to those that he will solve already being in the status of a permanent employee (if, of course, an interview is held). These tasks usually have several possible solutions, and their implementation is limited in time. The goal here is to see how quickly the applicant can navigate the problem and choose the best way to eliminate it.

First of all, all newcomers to the company are introduced to the history of the corporation, the responsibilities of each department and conduct a tour of the office. Also in British American Tobacco Russia there is one very friendly tradition: to introduce each new employee to colleagues in a non-working environment. A team in the updated composition can go together to a cafe or to some cultural event and get to know each other better.

Learn in the process!
This is exactly the approach taken by department heads at British American Tobacco Russia. They believe that 70% of each employee’s knowledge is knowledge that he acquired directly during the performance of his job duties, 20% of knowledge is acquired from mentors and colleagues, and only 10% is knowledge acquired during training, seminars, courses.
Nevertheless, trainings are conducted in British American Tobacco Russia quite actively. The company has its own small staff of trainers and staff development specialists, but outside trainers are also invited to conduct individual seminars. British American Tobacco Russia is particularly fond of personal growth trainings.

From interns to executives
The internship process at British American Tobacco Russia deserves special attention. When the recruitment for the internship begins, the excitement among those who want to work in the giant of the tobacco industry is not weak. Only twenty applicants are selected, and the competition for one place can be up to 600-700 people! The internship program lasts two years, during which young specialists are given the opportunity not only to obtain theoretical knowledge, but also to participate in the current projects of the company. Trainees already receive money for their work. And the most successful graduates of the trainee training course can immediately offer the chair of the unit head.

Freedom in everything
British American Tobacco Russia has a liberal outlook on the work process. Employees can come to work in any clothes. Therefore, in offices you can often see people sitting at computers in jeans and T-shirts. But everyone understands in which situations you can look informally, and in which not. At a business meeting or negotiations, all the same, everyone dresses properly.

The work schedule is also free. Employees must work out the standard eight hours a day, but what kind of hours will they be entitled to decide on their own and coordinate this with their immediate supervisor. But there is a small rule – you must be present at the workplace from 11 am to 4 days.

The office is organized on the principle of open space. Work in such a space is very tiresome for the staff, so the company also took care of its quality rest. Employees can visit the corporate cafe, sit on the balcony with stunning views of the park, play the PlayStation or other interesting things.
British American Tobacco Russia has a particularly developed love of sports and singing 🙂 This is confirmed by constant joint viewing of important sports matches right in the office and holding karaoke tournaments. You can compete in singing with your colleagues every fall in a big battle. And those who win later sing at New Year’s corporate parties.
Almost everything is free! Judging by what bonuses the company provides its staff for free, employees are really very much appreciated. Free at British American Tobacco Russia you can practice your English with a private repeater or in small groups. You can go to yoga classes for free. If one of the employees is engaged in Olympic sports, the company will pay for it part of the cost of classes.

And you can eat in a corporate cafe with a 50% discount. In a word, not a job, but a fairy tale! The only question is whether everyone wants to work in an industry that spoils people’s health? Even in such a chic office.

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