Business Rules by Sam Walton
Sam Walton Principles Principle # 1: Be Faithful. Being faithful to what you do is a must for anyone who wants to succeed. Whatever happens, believe in your business, in…

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Interesting facts about Coca-Cola
Production expansion during World War II During World War II, the Coca-Cola Company began to try to expand the sales area of ​​its products. The management of the company held…

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Sanctions Business Ideas

Fast Food with Russian Food
Perhaps some of you remember that in the Soviet Union there was also fast food. Only hot dogs and hamburgers were not sold there, but sandwiches and dumplings, and such establishments were called “Snacks”. Admittedly, they enjoyed good popularity. What prevents to open a similar Russian fast food now? The cost of producing sandwiches, dumplings, soups, pancakes and our other native food is very low, and you can set up an institution quite modestly, without restaurant decor and frills.

Be sure to attend such a fast food will be no less than Burger King or McDonald’s, or even more often. After all, the price of one lunch at McDonald’s will be equal to two, or maybe three dinners in a Russian diner. And if American fast foods soon completely cover up (anything can happen in modern realities), then people simply will not have a choice.

Cheese production
Cheeses are loved and consumed in almost every family. But sanctions also affected this product – now it is not imported from abroad. Interestingly, the elite French and Italian cheeses are mainly made in small enterprises, or even very small ones. To organize such production in our country will not be difficult. Such a business idea is especially relevant for those regions whose climate is most similar to that of Southern Europe.

Thermal imaging equipment
All thermal imaging devices previously came to Russia only from abroad. Domestic production, if there was a place to be, is on an insignificant scale. But the areas of its application are quite wide – construction, medicine, mechanical engineering, metallurgy. If you set a goal, you can easily start the cost-effective production of such equipment without any problems. It will definitely be in demand.

Production of fish feed
Red fish, which due to sanctions disappeared from store shelves, but soon returned to domestic production and is much more expensive, is another story. From the position of small business in this area, the production of animal feed is more interesting. Previously, they were purchased in the same place as the fish itself – mainly in Norway. Norwegian food is of high quality, but still too expensive for many Russian fish farm owners. If you find a way to produce compound feed for fish at a lower price category, you will definitely be a plus.

Milk farm
Milk is an incredible amount of food consumed by our people. Prior to the entry into force of the sanctions, 80% of the milk on our shelves was from abroad. Just think how much its accessibility to the population has decreased and what profits you can get if you start your dairy production. And besides milk itself, you can also produce cottage cheese, sour cream, butter and other dairy products, which in any case will always be in demand.

Elite schools
Access to foreign education is now closed to many officials. And they are used to teaching their children only in the best, elite educational institutions. Of course, opening an elite school for children or expensive business courses is a quick and rather complicated process. Nevertheless, under the conditions of sanctions, such a business becomes very, very promising.

Livestock farm
Particular attention should be paid to beef production. It has always been much more profitable for our country to buy imported beef for sale to the public than to produce it on its own. In connection with this situation, the cost of meat has grown significantly, and now not every Russian can afford a piece of fried beef for dinner. By producing beef on domestic farms, you can sell it at an affordable price for most consumers, while having a good income.

IT field
Activities in the field of IT, and in particular – the installation of various software – can bring additional income to programmers and other computer engineers during the sanctions. This is due to the fact that now the state is gradually introducing censorship on the Internet, some Internet resources are being closed or blocked. So close to the ban on the use of social networks, which will undoubtedly cause a wave of discontent among the population. There will be those who want to circumvent the ban and use special programs to remove the block from the sites of interest to them.

You will understand this software, l

The property
Now they are increasingly talking that a wave of emigration awaits Russia. Consequently, active real estate operations will begin, which will enable many real estate agencies to earn good money. It is also advised to pay attention to luxury housing outside the city – cottages, estates. Under the current conditions, not every rich man will risk buying villas abroad. Will have to be content with real estate near Moscow.

No need to turn a blind eye to the negative consequences of sanctions, which also have a place to be. But you should not allow yourself to be depressed about this – learn to see the pros and benefit from any, even not the best, situation. And the situation that brought us the opportunity to start a new profitable business can in no way be called unfavorable!

earn how to install it and work with it – here you have additional earnings.

Apple production
Most of the apples consumed by the Russian population were imported from Poland. Poland has now banned their import into Russia. Are we not able to grow our apples, no worse than Polish? Yes easily. Apple orchards and orchards in general are an excellent business, both “tasty” and profitable.


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Business Rules by Sam Walton
Sam Walton Principles Principle # 1: Be Faithful. Being faithful to what you do is a must for anyone who wants to succeed. Whatever happens, believe in your business, in…